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Ordering Home Delivery and Takeaway - FAQ

This article provides some information on our takeaway and home delivery service in Sydney, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have questions please feel free to contact us.


Ordering home delivery from our Surry Hills restaurant - and why ordering takeaway or pickup is better

Why order home delivery from Bar Pesta Surry Hills (Sydney)?

We're a family-owned restaurant group with bricks and mortar locations. We're not a "dark kitchen" and food is not made in some nondescript factory or shared kitchen. We make wholesome food from scratch the traditional way. Click on the link on the side to read our reviews.

Why order pick-up direct with your local restaurant?

Delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog and Door Dash charge a restaurant up to 16.5% for pickup and up to 38.5% for home delivery. Ordering pick-up directly with your local restaurant will ensure that they will still be around next year, especially during COVID-19 trade restrictions. Secondly, you're skipping the middle man. We've heard a lot of stories of food going missing or going cold when ordering through thirdparty delivery platforms like Uber Eats. Thirdly, we offer 10%-20% discount on takeaways.

Finally, apart from saving money on delivery fees (which range between $3 - $10), many restaurants like Bar Pesta offer discounts for pickup. Bar Pesta currently offer a promotion of 20% discount without the need of a discount code. For example, if you order a meal from Uber Eats with a total of $50. Food + delivery might cost you $55. If you order the same directly from us, it will cost you $40. That's a saving of $15.

Takeaway during the time of COVID-19

Is takeaway still legal and safe in NSW during COVID-19 lockdown?

Restaurants are permitted to sell takeaway and as of the time of writing this, lockdown level 1-3, going outside your home to buy food is allowed (see Sch.1 of NSW government Gazette, 30/3/20). However, you must observe "social distancing" rules. The situation is very fluid but as at the time of writing, further relaxation of the lockdown has already been announced and we expect to resume some form of limited dine-in trade shortly.

Is takeaway safe during COVID-19?

According to experts (see reference), takeaway is safe. Moreover, at Bar Pesta we've been proactive very early on, implementing safety measures across all stores since the first week of March 2020. Read about our measures on our blog and how we keep food clean and safe.

Ordering food for home delivery in Sydney

How much commission does the delivery courier platforms charge restaurants?

It varies, but generally 30%-40% for deliveries. We're charged the following: Doordash 32%, Deliveroo 33%, Menulog 33%, Uber Eats 38.5%. If you have a choice, we encourage our loyal customers to order pick-up directly from us instead. It's safe and it saves you money too. We publish these figures so that you can make an informed choice.

How deliveries work:

Please note, Bar Pesta does not offer direct home delivery service. However, you can or

der our restaurant food home delivered through food courier services - Uber Eats, Menulog, Deliveroo and Door Dash (Delivery Platforms).

Our guarantee to you:

  • Food leaves our restaurant freshly cooked, sealed and carefully packaged. The Delivery Platform's Rider then check the content and accepts the delivery.

  • It is now the responsibility of the Delivery Platform's Rider to bring food to you complete, hot and on time.

  • In the event there are issues with your order being rejected, your food delivered late, cold or damaged, please direct your enquiry to your preferred delivery platform.

Please visit Bar Pesta by Xage for more information

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