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Bar Pesta policy & procedures on COVID-19

Updated: May 11, 2020

Implementation date: 8 March 2020. As this is a fast developing issue, we will review and update our guidelines and procedures regularly


Very early on, we've been proactive in implementing safety measures across all stores. These measures include:

  1. frequent sanitising

  2. masks or mouth shields for staff

  3. the use of single-use gloves

  4. infrared temperature check for staff

  5. offering contact-free pickup

  6. distance markers and one-way only foot traffic through our eatery to ensure that you won't come into contact with another customer

Dine in to reopen (limited seating)

Update: 11/5/20

Premier Berejiklian has announced limited relaxation of health social restrictions from Friday 15 May 2020, including allowing restaurants and cafes to reopen for dine in customers with strict social distancing rules observed.

At Madame Nhu and Bar Pesta, our restaurant spaces allow us to operate within these limits. We will further implement the following:

  • A 1.5m distance between customer seatings

  • Hand sanitisers are provided for customers

  • An option for dine in customers to choose food to be served in takeaway containers

  • Anyone with flu-like symptoms will not be allowed indoors

  • Provide new outdoor seating options

You can read the news about this announcement in our blog.

Above: Single-use gloves, anti-droplet mouth guards, apron & hats, face masks. Also in arsenal but not shown: sanitisers, infrared thermometer

COVID-19 Policy

Date: 8/3/20

We've suspended all dine in at our eateries during the COVID-19 stage 1 lockdown. We'll continue to open for trade to serve the community with home delivery and takeaway. See below the measures we are taking to protect you and our staff. Please visit us or online.

We responded early to this issue by adopting consistent procedures across all four stores.

In addition to our strict hygiene practices (our eateries are consistently 4- or 5-star rated), the additional measures include:

  • Contact-less takeaway option - a purpose-built trolley will be installed in the front of our eatery to provide contact-less take away pick up. Orders can be made and paid via phone on 9332 3344 or online via Menulog "pick-up" (updated 17/3/20)

  • Social distancing - we will maintain 1.5m distance when speaking with a customer. Distance floor markings will be used to guide customers (updated 23/3/20)

  • Sanitising - More frequent routine cleaning and sanitising of benches and surfaces using food-grade sanitisers

  • Gloves & anti-droplet masks - Requiring more frequent use and change of disposable gloves and implementing the use of hygiene anti-droplet mouth masks

  • Employee knowledge - refreshing staff knowledge of proper hand-washing technique and requiring more frequent hand-washing for FOH employees

  • Employee health - Actively monitoring staff health (stores will be provided with infrared thermometers) and requiring staff to stay home if sick

  • Employees going overseas - A guideline for staff planning to go to or returning from overseas and a requirement for staff to inform us if they have been to "high risk" countries [Update: employees will be required to follow government health directives]

Madame Nhu is a modern Vietnamese eatery located in Surry Hills, Chatswood and Hornsby.  Bar Pesta is a modern Asian bar and restaurant located in Surry Hills.

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