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Spicy beef, tamarind, tomato, lemongrass, spices



Tiger prawns in galangal lime sauce, Asian mushrooms, tomato



Italian basil, Thai basil, green peppercorn, onion, wine, chilli



Introducing the new mod-Asian concept from the team behind Xage. Our focus is on comfort food with a twist. We're introducing to Sydney the exciting flavours of "Asian pasta" - pasta, but with greater emphasis on umami (flavour). From Thai spaghetti, to Vietnamese nui, to Japanese wafu pasta, Bar Pestâ is bringing to Sydney the exciting mash-up flavours of what we call "Asian pasta".

Bar Pestâ's menu also features some classic mains from Xage, such as the famous salt & sichuan pepper squid and slow-cooked beef curry, in homage to the decade-old former restaurant at this location.

It's quality and taste like you won't find anywhere else.

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delivery FAQ

Our guarantee / How it works:


Please note Bar Pesta does not offer direct home delivery service. Food is delivered through the following food courier services: Uber Eats, Menulog or Deliveroo (Delivery Platforms).

  • Our guarantee to you: Food leaves our restaurant freshly cooked, sealed and carefully packaged.

  • Once it leaves our restaurant, it is then the responsibility of the Delivery Platform company to ensure that our food reaches you hot and on time.

  • If your order has been rejected or is not delivered, it is almost certain that the Delivery Platform was unable to source a driver or its driver did not show up to our store to pick up the food.

  • In the event there are issues with your order being rejected, your food delivered late, cold or damaged, please direct your enquiry to your preferred delivery platform.

Delivery Areas in Sydney​


Generally our food's delivery areas are Sydney CBD and Surry Hills and surroundings. However, individual Delivery Platforms (Uber Eats, Deliveroo) coverage may extend further than surrounding suburbs, including the areas listed below. Please use the links in our website instead of searching for us on their app.

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